gamkinlongjaConnecting Japan to the World


We provide game development ranging from initial ground work and concepting phases, to full stack client and server development, as well as event organization and live-ops services.

Entertainment & Consulting

We work with creators and artists and IP holders to shape their vision and IP into games and digital entertainment.


Our staff volunteers as educators at Game Development schools, and we provide internship programs for new creators.


Corporate Mission

Talk together, Create together,  Play together, and Learn together.

We, GAMKIN, Inc., are a group of creators who share the philosophy to create new society and culture with customers through the mean of communication, “game”.while we talk, create, play and learn with our customers. Our day-to-day game development is based on the philosophy of “Gosakuyugaku (語作遊学)”, which means to talk, to create, to play, and to learn with friends.

Our name GAMKIN is made up of two words, game and kinship. As our original members met and build strong kinship through games, we put our wish into the name of the company so that we can also build strong kinship with our future friends.

We believe in the potential of games, and play, as a form of communication and promise to develop games which place importance on encountering new people and strengthening kinship with fellows and friends.

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